Electrical Services

Industry-Best Quality Electrical Work

Building Automation

Our team of highly knowledgeable and specialized “Controls” electricians deliver top quality installations for many of the largest Building Automation System Providers in the Industry. As a subcontractor to our Building Automation contractors, we understand that the quality of our installation are a direct reflection on our clients. We spend the time to understand the uniqueness of a given project and establish a plan of execution with our clients that ultimately delivers a superior installation, on-time and ready for start-up. We provide “red lined” drawings to our clients technicians and work directly with them to make sure the system comes On-Line the first time.

If you are in need of a contractor to provide professional electrical work for the installation of your Building Automation System Solution, you can trust the team at IKE to get the job done effectively, efficiently, and on-time.

  • Our team consists of highly trained, certified, and experienced electricians who will exceed your expectations
  • We require our electricians to receive ongoing training to stay up on the latest technologies and techniques.
  • IKE Electric, Inc. has earned a superior reputation for the electrical work we do with the top Building Automation Providers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Security and Fire Alarm


When it comes to security systems, our team excels, providing top-notch electrical subcontracting installation services for our Security System Solution clients. We can install any level of security solution, ranging from a large enterprise campus security system to an individual card access system. Our team of highly specialized and trained electricians have experience working in any type of facility environment and level of security clearance.

Clients who require electrical assistance with the installation of state-of-the-art fire alarm systems can also count on our team at IKE Electric, Inc. We provide electrical work for installations of safe and reliable fire alarm systems in many different types of commercial office buildings, including structures where safety is the number one priority.

IKE Electric, Inc. provides our services in a variety of very challenging work environments and situations, all of which can require a very high level of safety and security, including:

  • universities, colleges, private and public schools
  • hospitals, clinics and other types of healthcare centers
  • museums and other high-value facilities that attract tourists
  • airports, train stations, and other transportation structures

Tenant Fit Out

IKE Electric offers Electrical Services to GC’s and Owners specializing in Tenant Fit Out work. This includes Power, Tel/Data, Lighting, Fire, Security and all other electrical installation services required of a given design. We have the ability to provide design build services as well when needed. The solutions we employ can make a significant improvements in energy consumption, resulting in lower utility costs for heating, cooling, lighting and other controlled areas. These changes help our clients to reduce the carbon footprint of the structure, which provides an increased return on investment for their modernization efforts.

  • IKE Electric, Inc. works with area contractors, property managers and owners
  • Both Plan and Spec and Design Build based projects
  • Our many years of experience and continued training in new technologies and techniques keep our team on top of the latest advancements for these projects.

Renewable Energy


One of the most important services that we can provide is within the realm of renewable energy. Whether the project involves the use of solar photovoltaic installations, solar hot water controls, or energy metering, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of electricians and knowledgeable project managers, all work together to help provide the very best range of electrical services for our Renewable Energy solution customers. We can help your company make significant strides in the area of sustainable, renewable energy.

  • Our team works as a contractor to assist with the electrical work required to install various renewable energy services for commercial and industrial clients.
  • Solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, and energy metering are just some of the most popular renewable energy installations we support.
  • IKE Electric, Inc. has some of the most knowledgeable, trained, and experienced electricians and project managers in the business.


Whether retrofitting HVAC Mechanical Equipment or Upgrading your Electrical Systems, you can count on IKE Electric, Inc. We provide Disconnect/Reconnect, New Feeder and Controls Electrical Services for Mechanical HVAC Retrofits. We can install VFD’s on Mechanical Motors or retrofit your lighting to reduce Energy Consumption. Our team works to provide each and every customer we serve with top tier retrofitting services and unmatched customer service. Our attention to detail and focus on continuing education and expanding technology has made us an industry leader.

As one of the most reliable options for retrofitting electrical services in all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, many of our clients come to us due to our long-standing experience, commitment to superior training, and project cost-effectiveness. We can provide a full range of professional services that are essential to any retrofit project, and we do contract work with some of the most recognized names in the region.

Some of the electrical services that we are able to provide include:

  • Power and Controls Work for HVAC Mechanical Retrofit Projects
  • VFD and Lighting System Upgrades to improve management of energy consumption
  • Upgrading of Electrical Systems to meet new consumption requirements.

Service & Maintenance

In addition to all of the installation and support services provided by IKE Electric, Inc., we are also known for our professional maintenance services. We currently have a fleet of vans providing on-call services for all of your building's electrical needs. Our team of experienced electricians can come out to your property to troubleshoot problems as they arise and can offer innovative solutions that will help to avoid other potential problems in the future.

We understand that there are many challenges faced by property owners and managers with regard to critical environments. Effective and efficient maintenance is required in order to properly control and maintain professional standards. You can count on IKE Electric, Inc. for all of your repair, ongoing maintenance, preventive maintenance and other essential servicing needs.

  • IKE Electric, Inc. is an IBEW union contractor, providing services to all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • Every team member has years of on-the-job experience, as well as additional training and education to stay current with the most effective and efficient techniques and processes in the business today.
  • You can count on our team to provide you with accurate estimates, reliable services, and top quality customer service.