HVAC Power

Coburn Elementary School Exterior

Coburn Elementary School RTU’s

IKE installed (24) Disconnects for (6) AHU’s, (2) Supply Fans and (2) Return Fans per AHU, at the Coburn Elementary School in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Disconnects, 30-60 Amp, were mounted on side of AHU’s and load and line side Wired accordingly.
Novartis Exterior

Novartis Chillers

IKE replaced (2) new VFD’s on the Chillers at Novartis at 250 Massachusetts Avenue. This work included Demo of the existing Conduit and Wiring for VFD’s, all new Conduit and line/load Wiring for (2) New VFD’s, New Line Reactor, and to existing Chillers. We also disconnected and reconnected the existing Control Wiring for the VFD’s. This project required special coordination due to the critical nature of the site.
Kayaku HVAC Power

Kayaku RTU’s and VAV’s

IKE provided Electrical Power work for the installation of a new RTU and VAV’s at KAYAKU in Westboro, MA. For the new RTU, we worked with rigging team to disconnect / reconnect Power Wiring, lightening arrestors, and the fire alarm device. For the VAV’s with Electric Reheat, we installed a new 480volt Electrical Sub Panel in the Electrical Room with 50AMP and 20AMP Breakers.
JFK Federal Building Chiller

JFK Federal Building Chiller

IKE provided the Power Wiring for (2) new Chillers at the JFK Federal Building in Boston. This work included the disconnect of the existing Conduit and Power Wiring for the Chillers, installation of new 700AMP fused disconnects, reusing of 800AMP disconnects and reconnection of Conduit and Power Wiring for each Chiller.
Marshalls EF Replacement

Marshalls EF Replacement

IKE provided the electrical power work for the replacement of (11) Roof EF’s at the Marshall’s Warehouse in Woburn, MA. For each EF, IKE built a new strut rack to securely support a new starter cabinet we provided and installed. We then provided new Flex Conduit and Conductors between the factory mounted disconnect, new Starter and Fan Motor and extended/reconnected existing power and controls from below the roof line to new starter.