Automation - Lab Projects

Vicor Corporation

Vicor Corporation provides innovative power technology that can harness energy from ocean wave activity or power the latest in robotics. IKE is providing the electrical wiring for the new HVAC/Building Automation System at Vicor’s state-of-the-art clean room suite facility which includes (2) RTU’s, (1) AHU, VAV’s, Electric Humidification, Split AC and tight tolerances on Temperature, Humidity and Space Pressurization Control.

Gritstone bio Labs Boston

This 75,000 SF Lab Fit-out for California-based Gritstone, located underneath the city’s famed Citgo sign, will be used to develop treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. IKE provided the Building Automation System Controls Wiring for the Lab Space VAV/EVAV’s, Hoods, PIMS, FCU’s and Chilled Beams along with monitoring of O2, Room Pressure, Freezers, Incubators and Cryostorage.

Harvard Jefferson Yao Lab

The Harvard Jefferson Yao Lab project upgrades the existing lab space. IKE provided the electrical wiring to add onto the existing Building Automation System to include full control over the New HVAC/Lab Equipment which includes a Chilled Water Plant, (2) AHU’s, (1) ERV, Fume Hood and Lab Supply/Exhaust Air Control, FCU’s and Radiant Panels along with Miscellaneous Points.

Phoenix HQ Lab

Phoenix Controls, a world leader in providing laboratory control solutions, upgraded their showcase lab spaces at their MA headquarters. IKE was proud to be selected as a trusted subcontractor to provide the electrical installation for the various Phoenix Control Solutions along with the Building Automation System Overlay. The project included (5) specialized spaces; Operating Room, Isolation Room, Wet Lab, Life Sciences and Bio containment.

9 Fourth Ave Lab

The 9th Fourth Avenue Lab project included the full conversion of the existing building to a new office and lab space for Seres Therapeutics. IKE provided the electrical work for the installation of a State-of-the-Art Building Automation and Lab Control System. The work included new controls for (2) AHU’s, (12) RTU’s, Office VAV’s, Lab Fume Hoods and Supply/Exhaust Boxes, Hot Water and Chilled Water Plant and an AC Split System.