Automation - Critical Environment

Verizon Newport Exterior

Verizon Newport

The Verizon Newport Central Office is a 24/7 operation that houses numerous battery and data storage systems which are critical to Verizon’s operation. This project included the installation of (7) New AHU’s with VRF Condenser Units for the 3 Level facility. IKE is providing the electrical labor for our Controls/HVAC partner to install a new state-of-the-art Building Automation System to maintain the tight Temperature and Humidity tolerances of the building while providing critical alarms when necessary.
VA Bedford Exterior

VA Bedford

The VA Healthcare System in Bedford has 33 Buildings on its campus serving the full gamut of our brave Veterans healthcare needs. This is a 24/7 healthcare campus with all types of Critical Environments from Operating and Isolation Rooms to Mental Health and Pharmaceutical Services. IKE was proud to be a part of a recent Mechanical and Building Automation System Upgrade to (14) of the buildings on campus while maintaining the facilities in full operational mode. IKE provided the Electrical labor for the new State-of-the-Art Building Automation System which included control over multiple Chilled Water/Hot Water Plants, AHU’s, HV’s, Large Scale Exhaust Systems, Generator Control and Monitoring, VAV’s, Radiant Panels and Fin Tube to name a few.
Cambridge Water Treatment Exterior

Cambridge Water Treatment

The Fresh Pond Water Purification facility in Cambridge is critical to supplying fresh water to the City. IKE provided the electrical labor to migrate the existing archaic Building Automation System to a new State-of-the-Art system to include control and monitoring of the Hot Water & Chilled Water Plant, (4) AHU’s, (7) AC Units, (16) Supply Fans & (32) Exhaust Fans, Canopy & Analyzer Hoods, Generator Plant and (31) Fin Tube Radiation in such critical spaces as the Control and Ozone Rooms.
NE Sports Village Hockey Complex

NE Sports Village Hockey Complex

The NE Sports Village Hockey Complex is one of the premier amateur hockey facilities in NE. The facility is home to (3) Sheets of ice, numerous locker rooms, weight room, full-service restaurant, retail, and Hockey Operations Offices. IKE provided the electrical labor for our Controls/HVAC partner to install a new state-of-the-art Building Automation System to control and monitor the ice making equipment, facility AHU and Dehumidification units along with a number of single zone RTU’s serving the common spaces.


The BO1-BO3 buildings of CenturyLink in Waltham are dedicated to high end data storage and require 24/7 critical control of Temperature and Humidity in the spaces. IKE has been part of numerous projects in these buildings to extend the existing Building Automation System during each renovation project. This work includes control and monitoring of the Hot Water/Chilled Water Plants, CRAC Units, Data Cabinets, below floor control of VAV Boxes, UPS Backup Systems, Leak Detection, AHU’s as interface to facilities SCADA system.